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 I must mention that this build takes a lot of information and inspiration from v2seraph’s Gearmaster guide (Freedom member). I think v2seraph’s guide is great and I have learn a lot from it, I strongly suggest every Academic read it because it’s a nice well of important information. Many thanks to Mon for writing such a thorough guide!

My guide is formed purely from personal experience, observations and discussions with other players. You may or may not agree with the things I write here but I hope that it gives you some extra insight towards the decisions you make when forming your own builds and strategies.

Why Gearmaster?

I believe Gearmasters are a very effective and fun class for both PvP and PvE.  The playstyle is a mix of managing summons (ducks, towers and Alfredo) along with first person shooter elements like aiming, shooting, dodging and lobbing grenades!

If you are thinking about rolling Gearmaster or a Shooting Star, my list of pros and cons may help in your decision.  In my honest opinion, I think Gearmasters and Shooting Stars are very similar and almost identical in playstyle.  Even if you decide to go with Shooting Star, you may still find a lot of info in this guide helpful.

•        Amazing defensive class.  Can ‘turtle’ behind Alfredo and towers.  Especially helpful in ‘protect the leader’ game modes.
•        Great offensive tool-set.  Can dish out a lot of damage to both monsters and players while locking down opponents.
•        Many crowd controlling abilities (slows, stuns, knockdowns).
•        Alfredo is a nice friend to have in combat.  He does his own thing while you do yours, or you    can work together and wreak destruction on a poor soul.
•        Easy to play (but hard to master!).  Put down towers and hide all game will get you some PvP wins.  But playing like this is cheesy and no fun.

•        Very squishy.  Made even worse by the fact that the class does not have an power tumble/blink skill that Sorcs and Archers have.
•        Alfredo is very dumb.  I know I listed him as a pro but he’s also a con in the sense that he’s quite unreliable at times.  Don't make an Engineer thinking Alfredo will kill everything for you!
•        In PvP, particularly in ladder, requires ‘setup’ time to fully reach its potential, such as setting up towers and bringing in Alfredo.  Without the setup, Gearmasters (and Shooting Stars) can be very vulnerable.  This can be mostly rectified with a good strategy and game plan, more on this later.
•        Bad stigma.  Most say that Engineers are easy to play and are cheap.  Read the following section for more on this.

T4 LVL 50 Gearmaster PVE Build (Can do fine in PVP group or ladder PVP)

 Take note that:
1) This build is mainly focused on PvE (do fine in PVP).
2) Use this for reference only, tweak as you see fit. 


●Quick Shot    
20SP to max this skill, damage wasn't good enough. Not that worth to lvl it.

●Air Shot 
Useless skill for PvE but it will stun/paralyze ur opponent in PVP, lvl 1 is fine.

●Napalm Grenade 
Damage wasn't as high as it suggest when maxed. You can safely ignore this.

●Stun Grenade      Recommended!
Max for 60% stun chance. A good filler skill to use when other skills are on CD.
But in Dragon nest sea, Max lvl for this skill is lvl 9 50% stun chance, still good skill IMHO

●Wax      Recommended!
Reduced CD and slip rate. Most importantly, mobility for you and your party! No reason not to max this as you will have to spend 45 SP in this tree anyway.

●Force Out  
Still don't see any use in PvE. May have its use in the future..? Ignore this for now.

●Summon Alfredo / Recall Alfredo 
Summon Alfredo has 10 seconds CD only so... You may leave it at level 1/2 if you wish. Mine is at level 3 as Alfredo. 600% hp of summoner (kinda like monster, it can survive sea dragon ice breath tho)
●Bubble Launcher 
Cannot disable boss as usual, add 1 level if you are into PVP for 2 seconds bind.

●Tumble / Aerial Evasion  
Max, your life saving skills!

●Mega Hammer/ Air Bomb 
PVP skills, ignore these.

●Circle Bomb
Create explosion around you and stand up immediately. Requires 1 SP only so no reason not to get this in T4.

●Physical Mastery (/ Mental Mastery  / Mental Training  
Max HP. Add 1 level to MP & MP Regeneration, you may want to max MP & MP Regen if you are into PVP. MP usage is really high in T4 so I suggest max out MP Regen.

●Vending Machine  
Well, cost no SP.


NOTE: You need to spend 45 SP on Academic tree in order to learn ultimate!

●Rocket Jump 
Lv 1 for utility. Still no invincibility frame~

●Fake Bomb  
Only useful for dungeons. Still useless in Nests.

●Gravity Grenade  
Tried to max this... Better spend on somewhere else, 1 level is enough. good for suffix trigger

●Ping Pong Bomb    Recommended!
Fast casting, fast CD, high damage. Mine is lvl 12 + 1 from earring skill. The Damage is awesome!

●Mine Thrower     Recommended!
Damage is damn good if you get full hits on huge targets! Since you won't have any problem doing normal dungeons, I suggest maxing this, especially if you are one who don't rely on summons.

●Chemical Missile 
Well i like this skill even it Nerf in T4 but somehow it doing great in pvp, Good burst damage when maxed, your choice.

●Alfredo Stomp 
Okay damage for a 11 seconds CD skill, but bear in mind that Alfredo die really fast in level 60 nests.

●Alfredo Berserker  
Tried to max this again, may be good for Shooting Star at level 70/80 cap LOL! We Gear Masters can ignore this as we specialize on ducks.

●Damage Transition      Recommended!
Glad the devs decided not to hyper nerf this skill. Max!

●Alfredo Whirlwind 
Pretty insane with Alfredo Berserk ON when maxed. If you don't like ducks, you may get this one instead. Will delay Damage Transition if Alfredo is casting Whirlwind. Again, bear in mind that Alfredo die really fast with Damage Transition ON. Your choice. ;)

●Gatling Tower
Not as IMBA as it used to be, still a good skill nevertheless since you don't need to control it.

Pros: Higher damage than Cannon Tower assuming all you get full hits on target. Good on huge / immobile targets.
Cons: Really really low range! Knockback minor targets on hit which will cause even lesser hits when attacking monsters. Slow bullets are useless against agile targets.

●Cannon Tower 
Fire rate is a little slow although the damage is rather high when maxed.

Pros: Long range AOE damage. Can easily hit agile targets.
Cons: Lowest damage of all towers.

●Ice Pump Tower     Recommended!
Max! The slow and water defense reduction made this tower really useful. Not to mention Elestras will love you.

Pros: Slow & water defense reduction on first hit. Good against pack of enemies. Damage is higher compared to Cannon Tower. (Have not compared Ice & Gatling though)
Cons: Hard to hit agile targets. Much lesser damage if there's only 1 target within attack range.

●Mecha Duck  
Level 6 for EX. Details below. Btw, This duck help me kill alot in PVP!

●Mecha Shock 
Got this to level 6 for 6 seconds electrocute. Damage is good, you can stack some light attack and see for yourself. Ducky's SA is not that high when casting this skill so they will be easily interrupted.

●Mecha Siren 
Leave this at lv 1. Silence duration is useless for PvE

●Mecha Bomber     Recommended!
Get level 6 for 8 seconds reduced damage debuff. You can also max for 30% reduced damage. Ducks now have much higher Super Armor with EX when casting this skill. I got a skill ring for Mecha Bomber which enables me to get 12 seconds 33% reduced damage.

●Flash Grande 
PVP / Dungeon skill. Didn't add due to SP shortage.

Nerfed. Can't kill golem in 1 Demolition now. You may add 1 level for breaking pillars and stuff though.

Side Note: Not sure if it is me but... Right click damage seems to be much higher now?

Level 2 damage is pretty good. Not to mention the skill hit range is much bigger now.


Gear Master:
NOTE: You need to spend 65 SP on Engineer tree in order to learn Gear Master's skills!

●Chainsaw Tower Recommended!
Still the tower with best damage. You will need to place the tower near your target to maximize damage dealt though. I'm getting a -CD plate for this and place 2x Chainsaw Tower & 1x Ice Tower on field.

Pros: High damage, fast blades that penetrate targets, fast CD and stay long on field.
Cons: None!

●Mecha Duck EX
Stupid ducks finally evolved! They move much faster now, they also have much higher super armor when casting skills. Definitely worth investing SP here.

●Big Mecha Bomber Recommended!
Burst damage. Fat duck is as gorgeous as ever. 


Heraldry Plates

Main Choices: Damage Transition (-12% CD), Ice Pump Tower (-12% CD), Ping Pong Bomb (+20% DMG), Chainsaw Tower (-12% CD)
Optional Choices: Gatling Tower (-12% CD), Big Mecha Bomber (+20% DMG), Mecha Bomber (-12% CD), Mine Thrower (+20% DMG)

Main Choices: PATK, Critical, AGI, Health, Vitality
Optional Choices: Final Damage, MP Regen, Iron Wall, Shining

Im curently using the bold skill plate


Equipments Suffix 
Windswept: Helm, Shirt, Pants, Main Weapon
Life: Gloves, Boots
Destruction/Iron Wall: Sub-weapon
 About iron wall, some gearmaster player think that iron wall will give u more x-tra damage due to debuff of opponent defense, (t4 critical no longer ignore defense) but the suffix does not trigger from towers, duck or Alfredo. So is your choice.

NOTE: This Guide Credit To v2seraph PedoSquad / Freedom member In Dragon Nest CN
             His Youtube Channel  Click Here


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